BEER etc wants to keep you informed and without much effort on your part. We've put together a list of "Basic Beers" that we hope answered a few of your basic questions. We've also added Beer & Food to answer and what beer goes best with what types of food. Be sure to click the links under each may be suprised by what you learn!
Amber Ale
Sweet caramel notes and citrusy aromas with smooth finish. Complements rich, aromatic, spicy and smoky foods such as chili, BBQ ribs, grilled chicken and beef.

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Amber Lager
Roasted, malty sweetness with well-balanced, dry bitterness. Sweetness pairs well with sun-dried tomatoes and tomato reduction sauces; balance hopping complements foods flavored with basil and oregano.

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American Lager
Balance of hops and malt with crisp, dry finish. Perfect contrast to Thai, Pan Asian, Latino Fusion, Mexican, Peruvian and other spicy dishes.

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American Light Lager
Most popular style worldwide; very refreshing and thirst quenching. Complements lemongrass, ginger, garlic, cilantro and similar flavors; adds depth to light dishes such as spring rolls and salads.

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American Wheat Ale
Very refreshing, slightly tart flavor with subtle citrus aroma. Complements the lighter elements of foods like seared scallops and oil-cooked garlic shrimp while adding a refreshing contrast.

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Belgian Style Witbier
Unfiltered ale with orange, citrus and coriander aromas. Complements salads with light citrus dressings and feta or goat cheese as well as ceviches and other light, citrus-flavored dishes.

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Blonde Ale
Smooth, malty sweetness and balance bitterness. Pairs perfectly with sweet, hot, spicy foods including many Asian dishes, chili and mango jalapeno salsa.

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Rich, sweet caramels and warm, toasty flavors. Sweetness balances strong spice components and intense flavors of Cajun, jerk, slow-roasted and seared foods.

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Brown Ale
Malty flavor balanced with hints of caramel and chocolate. Stands up to roast pork, smoked sausage, plank-grilled salmon, and other hearty foods; complements the nutty flavors of chicken sauté, cashew chicken, nut-encrusted.

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Unfiltered ale with unique clove and banana aromas. Classically paired with weisswurst (white sausage); refreshing character contrasts with pungent, intense aromatics such as mustard flavors, pickles, horseradish and cured meats.

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India Pale Ale (IPA)
Substantial maltiness with pronounced hoppy aroma and flavor. Complements intensely flavorful, highly spiced dishes like curry and bold, sweet desserts like flourless chocolate cake and crème brûlée.

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Mildly hopped with complex malt character. Caramelization of malts complements that of char-grilled and seared meats.

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Pale Ale
Malty sweetness balanced by hoppy bitterness. Hops bitterness contrasts with spicy, heat-charmed, smoky or aromatic flavors such as those in Stilton and blue cheese.

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Pronounced hops aroma and bitterness with refreshing finish. Works well with salmon, tuna and other high-fat, oily fish and with marbled meats; bitterness offers pleasing contrast with sweet reductions and sauces.

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Roasted flavor complemented by nutty and toffee characteristics. Works well with smoked meats, especially bacon; complements chocolate-, espresso- and coffe-flavored desserts adn soft, creamy blue cheeses like Gorgonzola.

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Prevalent chocolate and coffee flavors. Highlights the nuttiness and braised, caramelized character of dishes with brown, savory sauces; complements silky, salty foods like oysters on the half shell.

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Specialty Beers
Specialty beers are enhanced with ingredients such as chocolate, honey, pumpkin, ginger-spice and other seasonal varieties. These beers have a broad range of flavors, aromas and body.

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