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Bells Special<br> Double Cream <br>Stout

Bells Special
Double Cream
6/12oz Bottles - $13.49



24/12oz Bottles - $26.99



6/12oz Bottles - $7.49

Brunehaut Blonde<br>

Brunehaut Blonde

4/12oz Bottles - $13.99

Half Acre Daisy<br>

Half Acre Daisy

4/16oz Cans - $11.49

Magic Hat Humdinger<br> Art Hop Ale

Magic Hat Humdinger
Art Hop Ale
6/12oz Bottles 13.49

Magic Hat TFG

Magic Hat TFG
4/16oz Cans - $9.49

The Trappist Brewers and their beers


The Trappists constitute the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance. This order was founded in 1098 and the name "Trappist" got its origin from the Abbey of Notre-Dame de la Trappe in Soligny (France).

There is no beer style called Trappist. The term "Authentic Trappist Beer" is a designation of the brewery of origin. To use the name and the logo, the 4 rules of the International Trappist Association must be observed:

  • The product must be made within the walls of a Trappist abbey or in an immediate vicinity.
  • The equipment necessary to the production must clearly express a dependency in regard to the monastery.
  • The product must be made by or under the supervision of the monastery community.
  • The largest part of the profit must be spent on social work.

Actually, 7 trappist breweries are recognized, 6 from Belgium and 1 from the Netherlands. Between 1999 and october 7th 2005, the brewery of Koningshoeven (Abbey of Schaapskooi in Tilburg, Netherlands) was no more allowed to use the "Authentic Trappist Product" logo as the brewery has been taken over by Bavaria and was in this period no more considered to be under control of the monks. Learn More


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